New Year more beer

It’s our beers’ world; we just brew in it.

        When we started this journey almost 4 years ago we had hoped to be brewing in our professional space by now.  We have been busy over the past 4 years.  We have built our test brewery (which we have been brewing in for more than 2 years), discovered the limitations of some of the equipment, broke and upgraded said equipment, met and made friends with awesome people in the fermented beverage world, brewed some great beers, dealt with infected batches, dealt with frozen water lines in the brewery, and worked through the steep learning curve of brewing great beer consistently.  Through it all we have kept our eyes on the goal of opening our own professional brewery. 

        Over this past year and a half we have increased our pursuit, and this dream has started to look more and more like a reality.  However, with this becoming reality, it comes with ups and downs; some of which we can’t always foresee and prevent, like paperwork, headaches, promising situations and meetings with landowners, paperwork, zoning laws, securing financing, and did we mention paperwork.  We have looked at many different potential properties all around the greater Salem area and introduced ourselves to various city officials, who were always happy to receive our samples when we met.  We soon learned that nothing works as quickly or efficiently as we would like (especially for Jeff) and there are always more unforeseen obstacles to arise. 

        Here we are, at the start of 2017, we made 10 different recipes last year, gave samples out to many great people around Salem, and got some great publicity.  Yet we still do not have a lease, we’re not really any closer to opening our professional space, and just the other week a giant tree fell on our test brewery.  At that time Rob was the only one who could get into the brewery, by climbing in through the side window since the door was jammed shut from the structure getting shifted by the tree, all the while when there was a batch of beer fermenting away in there.  After a visit from our buddy who made our bottling rig we are back in and ready to brew some more delicious beer for all of you to enjoy.

Let’s raise a glass or bottle to cheers the New Year.  We hope you enjoy some good beer with the folks you care about (hopefully ours) and we’ll keep you updated as our journey continues.


                Jeff and Rob

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