Co-owner and Head Brewer: Jeff is born and raised on the Granite Coast of the North Shore, specifically the home of The Magicians.  Jeff's love of craft beer started while working for some of the North Shore's finer drinking establishments along with  some of the well known dives.  When not discussing beer styles, brewing process, or ingredients, you can find Jeff playing any number of tabletop games or enjoying good food, most likely though he is enjoying a good beer as well. 




Co-owner: Rob grew up near Revere beach and although he may have wandered and lived all around the country, sampling great beers along the way.  Him and his wife, Samantha, decided to come back home to the Granite Coast of the North Shore to start their family.  Rob's love of craft beer grew while he spent a few years living in northern Vermont in the heart of awesome beer country.  Rob has helped get the brewery's name out in the community by making deliveries of samples all around the North shore and was nicknamed “The Beer Fairy” by one sampler.  When not talking about or sampling craft beer and cider you can find Rob in the woods with his kids and dogs playing on rocks and looking for wildlife.


Sam, Dianne, and the Kids: 
The families behind Granite Coast play a huge role while they may not make the beer, they have pushed us to get bigger and better.  They've spent many days encouraging us to get a location and move out brewery operations out if their houses and quick family dinners in the middle of brew days.


Jon is an engineer and avid homebrewer who has helped us create some of our recipes and is our self proclaimed “Keg bitch”.   He made himself available for most of our brewdays and bottling nights and is always up for a conversation about beer styles.

Neil and Amy:
Biochemist and interior design: Neil has lent us his expertise in Biochemistry, microbiology and his eye for design.  He has been our go to for discussions about yeast and setting up the ambiance for the taproom.  His passion for microbes has opened our eyes to how important our lab is in making great beer.  He and his wife Amy are part of our design team and help keep Jeff and Rob focused on color schemes and layouts that are foreign to the guys.

Equipment Design and Fabrication:. Chris has helped design and then built some of our bottling line as well as make modifications to our brewhouse.  An avid homebrewer in his own right he loves getting a night off to come help bottle and talk beer.

An amazing brewer in his own right, Tom has been there to give us feedback and feed us his amazing BBQ all at the same time.  Always one to bring his daughter Leia(spelling?) over for a brew session and chat odd styles or ingredients while working the grill

Recipe consultant/tester and guest brewer: one of our first brewing friends and supporters, Jeff and Rob first met Matt when they learned to home brew at Beer and Wine Hobby in Woburn.  Matt helped push 2 novice home brewers in the right direction early on which helped improved their craft, amd to start creating original recipes.  Matt is always willing to brew a small test batch to experiment with new ingredients for us.